HP Pavilion Laptops 14

HP Pavilion Laptops 14 Model Full Guide Review 2023

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HP Pavilion Laptops 14 Model Full Guide Review 2023

If you are seeing to buy a laptop for office work, or for gaming or for your study then the HP Pavilion Laptop series is for you can get every detail about the HP Pavilion Laptop series in this article;-

HP’s Pavilion collection has been a favorite choice for customers, providing an array of quality designs at affordable prices. However, what is the most recent 14in HP Pavilion fare amidst an ocean of competition? Find out in our comprehensive review.

HP Pavilion Laptops 14 Model Full Guide Video Review 2023

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HP Pavilion Laptop 14 Model Design & Build

The HP Pavilion 14 is a beautiful laptop. The aluminum chassis with silver with a frosted finish adds elegance and class, even at a mid-price. It’s polished to be used in office settings but without the bulkiness that you find on laptops for business, like the (otherwise superb) Acer Aspire 3.

∨ Should I buy the HP Pavilion 14 in 2023?

Expert Ratings (4/5) Recommended by INDSHO

Windows  Window 11
Generation 11th Generation
Brand & Model Name HP Pavilion 14
Screen Size  FHD 15.6 inches
Human Interaction Keyboard, Touch Screen
Ram Available 16 GB Ram/33 GB Ram
Hard Disk Size 256GB/1 TB
Chipset Brand i-tel
Pros Cons
  • Extreme Speed Processor
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Affordable
  • Keyboard Slightly Stiff
  • So So Battery Life
Our Verdict

  • Although its display may be larger and the touchscreen may be unneeded for some users, it’s a great laptop. HP Pavilion 14 is a good-budget laptop that is suitable to use at home or in the office.


If you’re looking for an item that can double as professional and personal use then the Pavilion 14 definitely looks the part.

And, most importantly, it’s lightweight and portable. Although there are lighter laptops available, however, HP Pavilion Laptops 14 is the lightest. HP Pavilion Laptops 14 are very light, weighing just 1.46kg. It’s also extremely small. You can carry it in one hand when you have to hurry for the kitchen, or to a conference room to take a call. It can also rest on your lap if you’re on the train.

A keyboard that is space-efficient can do away using the numeric pad that’s in the more powerful Pavilion 15 laptops. It reduces the overall footprint of the desk (or lap) as a slim profile helps keep the laptop to less than one inch when shut.


Then, slipping the bag into your purse will cause no problems. Check out some of the top backpacks and laptop bags here.

Although it’s true that the HP Pavilion Laptops 14 doesn’t include a Kensington lock port for people who are looking for a specific office laptop, the fingerprint reader makes it an ideal option for those who work from home or hybrid office and home routines.

For the fingerprint reader itself, I found it to be reliable all the time. Sometimes, I had to move my finger to ensure better accuracy, but I was never locked out of the system for several unsuccessful attempts.

HP Pavilion Laptops 14 Ports & Connectivity

There is a range of ports with HP Pavilion Laptops 14, which includes variety of ports on Pavilion 14, including two USB 3.0 ports as well as a USB-C port that can support power delivery, 10GBps transfer speeds, and DisplayPort 1.4 connection. This lets you daisy-chain multiple monitors when you require them. Also, you will have the HDMI 2.0 connection to an ordinary display connection.

The Pavilion 14 is certainly flexible, no matter what your display needs. It also comes with micro SD card readers and the 3.5mm headphone and microphone set as well as Bluetooth 5.

It’s a barrel-style connector. You can charge USB-C too.


HP Pavilion Laptops 14 Screen & Speakers

HP Pavilion Laptop 14 features a 14 IPS anti-glare Full HD (1920 1080 pixels) touchscreen display. It’s a bit plastic-looking, particularly with its dull black bezels. It’s good to know that these aren’t overly large. There’s also an HD webcam at the top with dual-array microphones.

The quality of the image isn’t great however it’s adequate for everyday video calls. It’s not a good idea to make use of this camera if you were launching a YouTube or Twitch streaming channel. You’d prefer an external camera. We’ve compiled a list of the top webcams.

The display also has a max brightness of 238 units (though HP promises 250 units on the box). It’s not bad as a matter of fact. The laptops that are cheap can only go upwards of 200nits. This is an industry standard to use cost-saving measures, and that’s when things can get a bit tense.

Pavilion 14 isn’t dull, however, you’ll require more space if you plan to work outdoors. Working inside or at night, you’ll have no issues.

The Pavilion 14 comes with B&O speakers on both sides of the side of the laptop. I’ve to say the sound is crystal crisp and clear even when you crank it all the way up and never have to.

What about the display image quality? It’s passable. Although the contrast is high and colors can be vibrant (depending on the content you’re watching) There’s not much definition. The films appear dull, making the laptop not ideal to stream entertainment.

It’s also an interactive screen. Why? I’m not sure. Although the hinge allows you to move the display back an appropriate level, however, it’s not able to fold back like the other 2-in-1s in the market – like HP’s own x360 models and you’re not able to actually make it a tablet. Also, there’s the issue of accidentally hitting something as you try to wipe the dust off of the display.

Even though it’s not a convertible design, however, the main benefit of the touchscreen is that in case you are suffering from the stress of repetitive use, you’re no longer limited to a trackpad or an external mouse. It’s not common to find a touchscreen for this cost.

In a nutshell: If you’re budget-conscious and need a laptop to use for social media or internet browsing, that also functions as a productive machine, then the HP Pavilion Laptops 14 offers little for you to be unhappy about particularly when you stream your content to your television. Or, if you don’t like spending PS200plus for a laptop that can do everything, then it’s best to go with any of the top alternatives.

HP Pavilion Laptops 14 Keyboards & Trackpad

I’ve already mentioned that there’s no numeric pad, and this isn’t a big issue in the majority of cases. I would prefer a numeric pad, however, I didn’t notice it terribly in Pavilion 14. HP Pavilion Laptops 14. But then again, I’m an author, so my dependence on a numerical pad isn’t as crucial in other occupations. Accountants may want to consider looking for a different job.

The keyboard overall is comfortable and, despite its smaller layout, there’s plenty of room between keys. As with the display the keys are clearly made of plastic, creating a noticeable contrast to the aluminum chassis. Typing is very audible.

Although the keys are slim and have little travel, they’re squeaky to the touch, which means you’ll need to exert a little more effort while typing. It’s not a long time to become comfortable with and it can be a satisfying experience for some to feel an experience of mechanical response.

The trackpad, it’s large and comfortable to use and has great palm rejection. It supports both physical clicks as well for gestures like scrolling with two fingers and right-clicking. There are no complaints here.

HP Pavilion Laptops 14 Spaces & Performances

You can expect to enjoy a smooth day-to-day performance from HP Pavilion Laptops 14. HP Pavilion 14 makes it an excellent choice for professionals working at home or in need of a budget laptop to host hotdesking.

The model I looked at has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of memory equipped with an Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor (the most recent 11th-gen). Even though this is the smallest in the hierarchy of Intel processors it was surprisingly quick to boot up and was not in any way overwhelmed during several weeks of usage.

It’s a quiet workhorse that did not overheat no matter the things I put in its path.

I was using the laptop for work, which is comprised mostly of email, word processing, and browsing the web while enjoying Spotify on the side, as well as the HP Pavilion did not hesitate to perform these tasks. It also surprised me how it handled photo editing with GIMP I used it to make basic adjustments like the layering of images, cropping, and filling up backgrounds.

Our benchmark scores demonstrate Pavilion 14’s power. This laptop’s Geekbench 5 score beat each of the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 (PS529) as well as the Avita Liber V (PS459.99) which are two of the top budget notebooks around. This laptop’s PCMark 10, score was also better than that of the mid-range Microsoft Surface Go 2 which we tested (PS529) as well as the Huawei MateBook X for EUR1,599 (not sold at the moment in the UK) and the Huawei MateBook X (both have higher-end Core i5 processors.

Overall it was a good laptop, but it appears that HP Pavilion Laptops 14 was only really just behind that the Honor MagicBook 14 which is currently leading by a wide margin in our review of the most affordable laptops.

About HP Pavilion Laptops 14 Battery Life

You’ll get good battery life from this HP Pavilion Laptop 14. Our battery test with a video loop took seven hours and 21 mins for the laptop. While it’s not the best we’ve seen from an affordable laptop, a lot of laptops can last much longer in this part.

You can achieve roughly the same amount from Surface Go 2 and Magic Book 14. Surface Go 2 and the Magic Book 14.

In our tests, the Pavilion 14 increased by 37% of its battery in just 30 minutes. This can give you about two hours of usage. It can last longer if it is set in battery optimization mode. It can give you 87% battery life within an hour and is almost fully charged in an hour and one-half hours.

About HP Pavilion Laptops 14 Price & Availability

The HP Pavilion 14 costs PS549.99 and can be purchased directly through HP Store, HP Store, and Currys PC World. In the US it is available from Best Buy for $549.99.

The model that has a Core i3 processor is the “dv0014na”, however, you can choose the ‘dv0007na’ model that includes a Core i5-1135G7 instead of PS649.99. It’s available through HP as well as Currys PC World has the “dv0521sa” with 500GB SSD priced at PS699.99.

There are models with the Ryzen processor, however, the one we tested has the Intel Core i3 processor, which means that the performance will be different.

While there are more affordable budget laptops on the market but Pavilion 14 is the best choice. HP Pavilion Laptop 14 offers a compelling equilibrium between performance and price. It’s only outdone by the Honor MagicBook 14 which offers superior performance and a longer battery lifespan for the same price. It’s difficult to locate it MagicBook 14 from UK retailers However, the MagicBook 14 is available;

About HP Pavilion Laptops 14 Verdict

The HP Pavilion Laptops 14 is a sturdy, low-cost laptop that is suitable for office or home use and capable of handling everything you throw at it whether it’s video calls, social media, web browsing streaming music, or even easy editing. Its biggest drawback is that the display might be a little too dark for some people, and the touch screen isn’t required.

However, it is compact and lightweight which makes it perfect for those who are on the hotdesk or working at home. HDMI as well as DisplayPort 1.4 support means you can easily connect your laptop to a monitor or two and fingerprint scanners provide added security.

The Pavilion 14 is on the more expensive side of laptops for a budget, However, this model is a good value. Additionally, there are higher-end models available for those who require a Core i5 or a larger SSD.


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